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How do I share the link of my SNHUfolio?


Your SNHUfolio chronicles your academic work at SNHU. It will be a long semester e-portfolio project that you will be using electronic software (Chalk and Wire) and use throughout your college career. Your SNHUfolio is designed to provide you with a place to encapsulate your college learning and beyond. Additional information is included in the “SNHUfolio Assignment & Grading Information” document provided separately [on Brightspace].

The SNHUfolio has changed. You will only access it through the link in your Brightspace course.

This apply in all SNHU experience classes. If you have had a SNHUfolio in the past, your documents are all in the Library of your Chalk and Wire account.

Step 1: Go to

The my.snhu Applications menu with the Brightspace link circled

1. Select to open Brightspace.

Step 2. In your Brightspace Homepage.

Waffle icon menu with the SNHU404 course circled

2. Select on the waffle icon or course selector.

3. Go into your SNHU404 course.

Course Menu with Table of Contents circled

4. Select on "Course Menu."

5. Select on "Table of Contents."

Table of contents with Chalk and Wire 404 circled

5. Scroll down and select the "Chalk and Wire" content.

6. You will be able to see two links, select the first one "Chalk & Wire SNHUfolio-Specific Link."

Chalf and Wire menu with the grey book icon being pointed to

7. Select the open book gray icon.

The Chalk and Wire, SNHUfolio menu
The Share this Page menu
The Share this Page menu with the link to the page in the Share URL box
The Share this Page menu with the link to the page highlighted and 'allow commenting' checked off
A menu showing SNHU 303 and everything in it
The Add Content button, with the menu extended
A blank text box
The Insert Link box with the URL and Text to Display boxes filled out with the chalk and wire link
The text box with the chalk and wire link pasted into it
The green Submit button and the menu bellow it, showing that this document hasn't been submitted
The Submitting Content menu with a proffessor's name checked off
Submitting Content menu that shows that this Content has been submitted
The preview that shows that the link has been sent
SNHU 404 with a green circle beside it, showing that it's been submitted
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