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How do I assess my student's work in Chalk and Wire?


1. Login to Chalk and Wire through your Brightspace Course on the course Table of Contents

Brightspace menu, Chalk and Wire Submission highlighted

2. In Chalk and Wire, select on Pending  Assessments on the top bar.

Chalk&Wire specific link, Pending Assessments highlighted at top

3. On the Assessment page, you will see your students alphabetically listed.

The students page, alphabetically listed

4. Select in the area without text to open the black menu.

The black menu opened up

5.  1). Select on the word assess on the black menu.

Black menu with Assess button pointed to
The assessment instrument and the student's work

7.  1). Assessment Instrument shows one criterion at a time. 2). The level description opens as you hover your cursor over the level. 3). To select a level, select into the dark square and it will change color.

The Assessment Instrument menu

8. 1). Navigate using the inner bar. 2). Move to the next Criterion using the next button. 3). Add comments if needed by selecting the conversation bubble icon. 4). Select Save and Close.

The Assessment Insturment menu

9. If you need assistance, please email [email protected]

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