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How to Submit Student Work Directly to Turnitin (not through Brightspace)



This document is intended for SNHU Global online instructors who have student work to review for plagiarism but there is not a corresponding Turnitin assignment in Brightspace.  The directions below will walk you through the setup of a Turnitin account where you can submit SNHU student work for plagiarism review.

Use Cases

The process outlined in this document is only for student submissions in Brightspace that do not already have Turnitin enabled such as discussion posts and test essay questions.

If an assignment has the “binocular”icon next to it as shown below, it is a Turnitin assignment and the originality report will be generated automatically.

The assignment in question

A. Creating a Turnitin Account (updated 01.29.2019)

Submitting student work outside of a Brightspace Turnitin assignment requires the creation of a new Turnitin account. This will only need to be done once per instructor. Follow the steps below to create a new Turnitin account.

Step Action
1 Complete the online Turnitin Account Request Form.  Fill in all fields on the form and click Submit.  If you are viewing a print version of this document, you can use to access the Turnitin Account Request Form.
2 Next, you will receive an invitation via email with the subject line "You're Now an Instructor in a Turnitin Account".  Open the email and click the red Log In Now button.
3 The Log In to Turnitin window will open in your browser.  Login with your SNHU email address.  For the password, please type in a new password on your first login.  You will use this going forward.  When done, click the Log in button and continue to the next section, Adding a Class in Turnitin.  

DO NOT USE THE "Sign in with Google" button 

B. Adding a Class in Turnitin

Now that you have created your account, you need to create a class within Turnitin.  This is the "container" into which you can submit student work for review. There is no need to create a new class for each section that you teach. You will create one class that you will be able to use on an ongoing basis. Follow the steps below to create your class.

Step Action
1 After creating your account and logging into Turnitin following the steps above, you will be taken to the SNHU account screen as shown below.
2 Click the green + Add Class button to the right of Southern New Hampshire University as shown in the image.  Do not use College for America at SNHU.
The Turnitin Instructor homepage
Step Action
3 The Create a New Class window will open as shown below.  Fill in all fields as noted in the image, then click the blue Submit button.
Create a new class menu
Step Action
4 Next, you will see the Class Created pop-up appear with a congratulations message.  Because students will not be submitting work here, you can ignore the information and click the blue Continue button.  Continue to the next section, Adding an Assignment to your Class.

C. Adding an Assignment to your Class

Now that you have created your class, you need to create an assignment. An assignment is just a container where you can submit student work for review. There is no need to create a new assignment for each assignment in your class unless you want to. You will create one assignment that you will be able to use on an ongoing basis. Follow the steps below to create your assignment. To create an assignment, follow the steps below.

Step Action
In Turnitin, click on the class that you created above as in this example.
Turnitin class name list
Step Action
2 Once in your class, click the green Add Assignment button in the upper-right corner.  The Select your assignment type window will open.  Select "Paper Assignment" and click the Next Step button at the bottom of the screen.
3 Next, the New Assignment window will open.  Add an Assignment title and set the due date to some date several months into the future.  The exact date is not important.  The other fields are optional.
New Assignment creation menu
Step Action
4 When you have completed the fields as described above, click the blue Submit button a the bottom of the screen.  Continue to the next section, Submitting Student Work.

D. Submitting Student Work

Now that you have your class and assignment setup in Turnitin, you can submit student work for plagiarism review. Please note that any work submitted is not connected to Brightspace in any way. Follow the steps below to submit student work for review.

Step Action
1 Enter the class and assignment that you just created.
2 Click the More Actions link on the right and click Submit on the drop-down menu.
3 The Submit window will open.  This is where you will submit student work.  You are able to submit student work via these methods:

  • Single File Upload - if you have a single paper to review
  • Cut & Paste Upload - good for discussion posts
  • Multiple File Upload - for many papers
  • Zip File Upload
4 Choose the submission method that works for you and fill in all required fields on the screen.  when done, click the blue Upload button at the bottom of the screen.
5 The file or text will be uploaded.  Next, you will see a confirmation screen.  If everything looks good, click the Confirm button at the bottom of the screen.
6 Next, click the Go To Assignment Inbox button to view submissions and originality reports.  Please note that the amount of time required to create originality reports varies depending on the size of the submission and submission volume.  It can from a few minutes to 24 hours to generate a report.

E. Additional Information

Additional resources on viewing Turnitin originality reports in the Turnitin Feedback Studio can be found on Instructional Support’s mySNHU page.

This guide was updated by Aaron Flint, ITS Instructional Support Services on January 30, 2019.

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