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How to Access software through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Education- previously called Microsoft Imagine



As of February 18, 2019 the Microsoft Imagine program has been redesigned and rebranded as Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.  Microsoft implemented this change to better align with other technologies and improve access to software and additional services.  As part of the redesign, the existing Microsoft Imagine website no longer provides access to Microsoft products.  The steps below will show you how to log into the new Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching site.

Visit to access Microsoft software available free for the SNHU community.

Including : Access, Project, Visio

Sign In

Select SIGN IN

Website to sign into the dev tools for teaching. The “sign in” button boxed in red.

Accept Terms

Now you will need to accept terms,

  1. Select the box to  agree with the subscription agreement, etc
  2. Select ACCEPT TERMS button.
The terms for using the dev tools with an arrow next to the agree box and a red box around “accept terms.”

Select Account

Type in your complete @snhu email on the sign in screen. Then select NEXT.

Sign-in using Microsoft sign-in with a red box around that email box.

When asked, select Work or school account

Sign-in using Microsoft sign-in with a red box around the email that was used.

Use Credentials

You may be asked to sign-in to the SNHU system using your full @snhu email and password.

The SNHU sign-in.

Select the Software option

Select the software button, then select the software programs you want to download and install from the list that appears.

Microsoft Azure homepage with the “software” tab boxed in red.

Download software

To download the software that you need:

  1. Type the name of the required software, e.g. "Visio" in the search box.
  2. You will be able to find "Visio", then select the name.
The Microsoft Azure software page. With a box around the search box and a file boxed in red.

Activate Product Key

Select the VIEW KEY button, then copy the key number to activate your product.

Now you select Download and the download for this should begin.