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How to Unify UC Student Initiated Course Withdrawal


1. Go to student page.

Mysnhu page with Students button highlighted

2. Click on the Offices tab at the top of the page.

Mysnhu page with Offices button highlighted

3. On the blue drop down Menu, select "Registrar"

Blue drop down menu with Registrar button highlighted

4. On the left hand side, select "Student Forms"

Self Service Links with Student forms button highlighted

5. Select "UC"

Student Forms page with UC button highlighted

6. Select "Course Withdrawal-Campus ( Student Initiated)"

Academic Forms page with Course Withdrawal button highlighted

7.  1. Sign in with your complete SNHU email including the "" 2. Click Next

Snhu email login page
Snhu log in page with email typed in

8.  1. Read the Course Withdrawal Policy. 2. Click to indicate you have read and agree to the policy. 3. Click Next

Univserty Campus Withdrawl Policy with check box highlighted

9.  1. Select your course for your withdrawal request  2. On the right, select your reason from the drop down menu. 3. Add comments

Course Withdrawal list, with Object Oriented Application Development highlighted

10. It will look like the image below. Click "Next"

Course withdrawal list

11. 1. Read and complete the notification alerts. You are responsible for understanding any notifications listed. 2. Check that you have read and agree 3. Click Submit

Course withdrawal form submission with check box highlighted

12. Email your Advisor to inform them you have submitted a Course Withdrawal Request

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