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How to Convert Recordings to MP4


Recordings of Adobe Connect meetings can be made made available outside of Adobe Connect by converting them to MP4 format onto you computer.

Make recording public

Go to the RECORDINGS tab

Recording tab of Adobe Connect. With "recordings" boxed.

Select the recording you want to make public by checking the box to the left of the meeting title.

The recrodings page with an arrow pointing next to a checked box for a recording.

Select the ACCESS TYPE button

With the same meeting chosen a button "Access Type" boxed.

Change Access type to Public by selecting the circle to the left of Public

Select SAVE

 A new page open with a circle checked with "Public" and  the "Save" button pointed at.

To Convert the Video to MP4

Using the drop-down arrow next to the word ACTIONS to the right of the title of the recording, select MAKE OFFLINE

The word "Make Offline" is boxed around.

The recording will run in the background on your computer while it converts from Adobe Connect meeting recording to MP4. Once the file has been converted it can be uploaded to Brightspace or any other repository.

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