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How to Add Citations Styles to Write-N-Cite


1. To add a new citation style on your RefWorks account, click on the down arrow next to "Normal View" at the top right hand of the site, you will be able to see "Citation View"

Refworks home page

2. To change the view to the required style click on the gear icon.

Normal View drop down menu with citation view highlighted

3. Search for the style using the sear box, e.g. Vancouver.

4. Then click on the style to select it.

5. Then click on the blue button "Save".

citation view settings page

5. Go to your Microsoft Word document and click on the "RefWorks tab".

6. Then click on "Sync My Database" to update it.

Sync My Database highlighted button

7. Then go to the style menu and click on the down arrow, if it does not appear on the recent styles, click on "Select Other Style" and you will see displayed on the list. Select the style and click on save.

Insert Citation button highlighted

8. When you are ready to insert a citation place your cursor on the spot that you want the citation to appear and click on "Insert Citation", then "Insert New".

This will open the window "Insert/Edit Citation"

9. In the left hand of this window you will be able to see the folders that you created on your RefWorks project. If you double click the folder "Not in Folder" you will see the references within it.

10.  You will see the references in that folder. To insert a citation, double click on the reference , you will see the citation displayed on "Preview citation", your reference will also displayed on "Compose Citation".  

11. Click on "OK" button.


Insert/Edit citation page with the 'ok' button highlighted

The citation will be inserted on your text. You can continue adding citations following the previews steps.

11. To add the bibliography on your document, click on the option "Bibliography Options" on the RefWorks toolbar.

Bibliography Options button highlighted

Your references list will be generated using the citations that you inserted on your document.

Refworks text box
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