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How to Access Participants Adobe Connect


Before attending a meeting

Visit PreMeeting testing and the program will run some tests on your connection and versions of some programs on your computer. At the bottom of the page there are trouble shooting tips to use based on the results of these tests.

On the PreMeeting testing page, select CONFIGURE AUDIO to make sure your speakers and microphone are set up correctly to participate in the meeting.  There will be steps to follow to select your speakers, micorphone etc. See the image below to find the button.

If you need to SHARE your screen or documents during the meeting, you will need to download the Adobe Connect desktop application. When you run the PreMeeting testing it will ask you to download this application if you don't have it.

Adobe Connect test results with an arrow pointing at the button "Configure Aduio."

Select  the URL for the meeting you want to attend.

Slecting the meeting URL should open a browser on your computer and then open to a login page for the meeting. If it doesn't open automatically, you can copy and paste the URL into the address bar of a browser, as shared in the image below.

Google chrome with the copied address in the address bar.

Enter the meeting

To enter as a guest,

  1. Type your name or @snhu. email address into the NAME space.
  2. Then select ENTER ROOM button.
Adobe Connect with 1 next to "Guest" and next to 2 "Enter Room."

Test Audio for meeting

If you ran the CONFIGURE AUDIO before the meeting, then you don't need to run AUDIO SETUP WIZARD again.

Select MEETING located in the top left-hand of the screen.  Then select AUDIO SETUP WIZARD and walk through the steps that appear in pop-up windows.

Drpo down from the aduio with the "Aduio Setup Wizard..." boxed.

Additional trouble shooting support can be found under HELP in the top, right-hand area of the screen.  

Turn Microphone On

If the microphone icon is white, then you will need to select the microphone. Select the arrow next to the microphone icon, then chose SELECT MICROPHONE. Once you have selected it, the icon will turn green.

An arrow pointing at the drop down for microphone and a box around the "Select Mircophone."

Once your microphone is connected, you will see volume and mute options.

An arrow pointing at "Mute my Microphone" and an arrow pointing at "Adjust Microphone Volume..." boxed.

Share your screen or a document

Select on the drop-down arrow next to share my screen to select which screen or document you want to share.

Computer screen, music note, and PDF. With an arrow poting at the drop down menu for "Share My Screen."

Select the DESKTOP to be able to switch what you are sharing more easily. Or select an APPLICATION or WINDOWS to only share a part of your screen.

Options for screen sharing.

Then select SHARE at the bottom of the screen.

The button "Share" is boxed.

You will see a small window that has controls and displays what you are sharing. When you are done sharing, select on STOP SHARING button.

Screen being shared and "Stop Sharing" button is boxed.

Communicate with Presenter

If you want to raise your hand during a meeting, select the icon that looks like a person raising their hand. Then select what you want to  tell the presenter.

Particaptant reactions in Adobe Connect.

When you are done raising your hand, you need to come back to the icon to CLEAR STATUS. Otherwise you just look like you are sitting in the meeting with your hand raised all the time.

Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by the presenter before you speak into your microphone. If everyone does this, then people won't speak over each other.

Chat in the Meeting

To write a message everyone can see, find the CHAT pod and select into the field at the bottom. Then type your message.

The chat feature in Adobe Connect with an arrow pointing at the chat box.

To chat with a specific person, select the person's name in the Attendees list. And select Start Private Chat. Then you will type what you want to say into the Chat box. But now you can see the person's name next to the Everyone button. When you want to chat with everyone again, you will need to select the Everyone button.

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