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How to Allow Students to see Quiz Feedback


From the Course Admin item on the navigation bar of your course select QUIZZES.

Course administration setting page.

If the quiz has already been created, edit the quiz by selecting the drop-down chevron next to the name of the quiz and select EDIT.

Edit quiz button.

Select the Submission Views Tab

The submission view button.

Click the ADD ADDITIONAL VIEW button

Adding the additional view.

Create the new Submission View

1. Add a name that is descriptive what what this view provides

2. You can a message or not.  This message just shows up as students are reviewing the feedback and I don't think they pay much attention to it.


Adding view properties to the quiz.

Next, let's complete View Restrictions on this page.

1. Date- select a date when students will be able to see this feedback. Pick a date like a week after the due date. You can always change it.

2. You could only show feedback which will include questions and possibly answers after students complete a specific attempt.  

3. You could require them to earn a specific % on that attempt, too.

4. You could limit the time that students have to view the quiz results. For example, maybe you want them to review it during class. You have to limit viewing by minutes so 24 hours would be 1440 minutes.


Adding view restrictions.

Now look at View Details on this same page.

Under Show Questions:

1. select circle tot he left of Yes.

2. Choose to either show questions or show all questions following the tips listed here:

"Show questions answered incorrectly" will only show the feedback on the questions the student missed.

"Show questions answered correctly" will only show answers and feedback for questions student missed.

"Show all questions without user responses" will only show questions students didn't answer.

"Show all questions with user responses" will show questions and the student response for all questions.

3. Select Show Answers

4. Select Show Question Score and Out of Score.

If you plan to write feedback on specific questions of the quiz, then select

Show all questions with user responses

Show Answers

Show Question Score and Out of Score

The different settings for viewing a quiz.

Under the heading Score, select Show attempt score and overall attempt score, if you want students to be able to see what their overall earned grade is for this attempt of the quiz.

Box to show the attempt score and the overall attempt score.

Determine if you want to share any Statistics like class average or score distribution.

Select SAVE

The save all settings button.

Review the Additional View you created.

Reviewing the additional view.

You don't need to click the box to the left of the name of the Submission View unless you want to delete this submission views.

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