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How to Create a Meeting Room


Request an Adobe Connect account.

Email [email protected] and request an Adobe Connect account.  You will receive an email which will contain your time sensitive log in credentials and a link to a short video.

Create your first meeting room

Visit Adobe Connect SNHU Hompeage using your login credentials. (Not the same credentials as

Select the Meetings tab on the navigation bar.

Adobe Connect homepage from SNHU.


New meeting button in Adobe Connect.

Enter the NAME of your meeting (ie. MAT-238 KRector)


Box for adding the name of te meeting.

Create a CUSTOM URL  by typing in some defining title for your meeting room that is unique and professional so students can use it.  For example, I could create a meeting called MAT238KRector or KRector1. The room exists indefinitely so you want to name it something that you can use for more than one occasion but not something so general that people don't know why they are meeting in this room.  

Custom URL boxed around.

Bad example of naming conventions: MAT238 without my name because it could be confusing to other students who are looking for other MAT-238 teachers. And if you just use your name then what will you name your second room?


Under SELECTED TEMPLATE select  'Shared Templates\New Simple Template' from the list of options

Select template drop down.

Scroll down until ACCESS - Leave the rest of the fields at the default until you see the work ACCESS.

Select the last option "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room".

Access information with the "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room" checked.

Select Standard view under Application Interface

Application interface with "Standard View" checked.

Under BROWSER INTERFACE, select 'Enable Standard View'

Browser interface with "Enable Standard view" checked.

Under  AUDIO CONFERENCE SETTINGS select next to "Do not include any audio conference with this meeting" so people will use their computers for listening and talking during the meeting.

Audio Conference settings with "Do no Include anu aduio confrence with this meeting" checked.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the FINISH button.

The "Finish" button boxed.

Invite students to join the meeting.

After you selected FINISH,  you will see the Meeting Information. The URL is in the middle of the Meeting Information page. Copy that URL and email it to your students, put the link in an announcement in Brightspace, or add the URL to a module in Brightspace.  Make sure you tell them the date and time of the meeting when you give students the URL.

The URL for this meeting is boxed.

When it it time for the meeting, you will NOT attend using the meeting URL.

You will attend the meeting by visiting Adobe Connect SNHU Homepage and using your login credentials.

Select Meetings from the navigation bar then select the name of the meeting. Finally, select Enter Meeting Room

Meeting Information - Google Chrome
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