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How to enable and create Polling for RingCentral Meetings


Go to the RingCentral homepage (

Or click on this link to access RingCentral Online website

Click on the "Login" button on the menu bar of the homepage

The drop down menu will give you two options. Select "Admin Portal"

RingCentral Homepage Login dropdown menu (RingCentral App and Admin Portal)

The RingCentral "Sign-In" launch Pad will pop-up, click on the "Signal Sign-On" button

RingCentral "Sign-In" launch Pad

You may receive a second prompt to confirm your email address

Confirm your email address prompt

The Admin dashboard will display. Click on "Settings"

RingCentral Admin dashboard
Go to "Meetings" tab
Scroll down and look for "Polling "In Meeting (Basics)" section

Enable and turn on the toggle for "Polling"

Polling "In Meeting (Basics)" section
You have the option Toggle the button to enable or disable Polling.

Now you can add "Polls" to the meeting controls, allowing you to survey your students.

The host must add the Poll question before starting the meeting and must launch the Poll during the meeting

How to Add a Poll in a Meeting
  • Go to your meetings in RingCentral
  • Select a meeting from the topic column
  • Scroll to the Polls section at the bottom of the Meeting Detail page, and click on “Add
Add a Poll in a Meeting
Add the question and options for the Poll, and click “Save”
Add the question and “Save” button
How to Launch a Poll During Meetings

During a meeting, the host can click Polling > Launch Poll on the Host controls panel to launch the poll for participants to answer.

Launch Pad of Polling

Once you select Launch Poll, users will be prompted to answer the polling questions. You will be given notifications when attendees answer and what they answer live during the poll. During the Meeting, all questions under a single poll will be asked at once.

Poll Question
Click "End poll" to end the poll
You will be able to view the results and share them with the attendees to share overall opinion on questions
Results and share overall opinion on polling questions

Platforms supported

• RingCentral Meetings for Mac/Windows: Host can Launch polls and Participate 

• RingCentral Meetings for iOS: Participants can answer polls

• RingCentral Meetings on Browsers/Android: Not available (yet)

• RingCentral app (Desktop): Host can Launch polls and Participate

• RingCentral Mobile app (iOS / Android): Participants can answer polls

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