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How to join a RingCentral meeting as a Participant


RingCentral Meetings is Cloud Video conferencing service which gives you the power to video conference and web share, as part of SNHU's communications solution. The following article provides you instructions on how to join a meeting from RingCentral Desktop App.

You will receive an email from your instructor which will include a URL, so clicking on the meeting invitation link should automatically join you to the corresponding RingCentral Meeting when you have installed the app  in your computer. You may be asked to install the app if this is the first time for you to use RingCentral Meetings. 

1. Click the meeting link in the body of the calendar or email invite.

2. You will be redirected to in your web browser and the application should automatically download. If it does not automatically download click "download here" or "download & run RingCentral Meetings".

3. Depending on the browser you are using, the downloaded file may display in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Click on it to start the application's installation.

Open your browser's Downloads if you cannot see this box on your screen. Click "RingCentralMeetingslauncher_.exe" to start the installation.

4. Click "Run" or double click to complete the installation of the RingCentral Meetings.

5. Once the download is complete you will enter the RingCentral Meeting.

If you do not enter the meeting automatically, click the meeting link from your email invite.

6. You will see the following window showing you options to join the meeting. Before joining your meeting is important to test your speaker and microphone, so click on the link "Test speaker and microphone".

7. The following window will pop-up, you should be able to hear a ringtone,

  • Click "Yes" if you can hear the ringtone.
  • Click "No" if you cannot hear any audio from the first speaker option.
  • Click on the drop-down menu next to speaker 1 to select the correct speaker to be used. The output level should display an animated green bar showing that your computer can detect audio.

8. After testing your speaker, you will be then asked to test your microphone.

  • Speak and pause to test your microphone. The input level should display an animated green bar showing that your computer can detect your microphone. Click "Yes" if you hear a replay when you speak.
  • Click "No" if there is no detected audio.
  • Click on the drop-down menu to set your device.

9. When no problem is detected, you will assured to use your "Computer Audio", then click the green button "Join with Computer Audio".

You can either click "Computer Audio" tab, and then click "Join with Computer Audio" or click the "Phone Call" tab to dial in using the telephone number and meeting ID that were provided in the body of the email invite. Instructional Support Services recommends you to join the meeting accessing the meeting through "Join with Computer Audio".

It is important to test your audio before joining a meeting  to prevent any in-meeting confusion and delays. If it is your first time joining a RingCentral Meeting and you have not connected your audio yet, test your speaker and microphone first. You can click on Test Speaker & Microphone... to test your audio.

10. This is the meeting room home screen.

  • You can mute/unmute your microphone.
  • You can start/stop your video camera.
  • You can click on Participants to view everyone attending the meeting.
  • You can share your computer screen.
  • You can chat with everyone attending the meeting.
  • If the host allows, you may record the meeting.

11. Once the meeting is about to end, you can click the "Leave Meeting" link in the lower right of the window to leave the meeting.

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