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How to Make meeting recording link available


Edit meeting room icon

Once you have logged in to Adobe Connect, select MEETINGS to see your list of meetings.

Hover you cursor to the far right of the name of the meeting room where the recording was made. Three icons will appear:

  1. The 'i' icon provides you with information about the meeting room- including the URL to share with your students.
  2. The 'pencil' icon allows you to make changes to you meeting room and ACCESS YOUR RECORDINGS.
  3. The 'paper airplane' icon is how you as the hott, enter your meeting room.
The list of Adobe Connect meeting that are comming up. With the "eidt" icon boxed.

Select the RECORDINGS tab

Adobe Connect homepage with "Recordings" boxed.

Select the box to the left of the name of the recording you want to make accessible to students.

The box that needs to be checked to make changes to the meeting.

Then select ACCESS TYPE

Same meeting selected with "access Type" boxed.

Select PUBLIC then select SAVE button.

Best practices - do not require a passcode

Access type menu with an arrow pointing to "public" and a box around "save."

Now the recording is PUBLIC and you can post the URL for the recording in Brightspace for students to access.

The up coming meeting with a box around an unlocked icon and "Public."

To see the URL, select the name of the recording.

An arrow pointing to the link for the upcoming meeting.

Copy the URL and post it in Brightspace under Table of Contents, in and Announcement , or email it to your students.

The entire meeting information with the link boxed.
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