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How to put references into RefWorks


Manually Adding a Reference

Step 1:

Click the New Reference button or select the Add New button from the References menu.

Drop down menu with Create New References selected

Step 2:

Select what kind of type the reference is from the drop down menu.

Ref Type
Ref Type drop down menu

Fill out the menu below Ref Type to create the reference in question.

Empty reference menu

Step 3:

Save the reference once you fill it out.

Save button highlighted

Saving References From the Internet

Step 1:

After downloading the RefWorks extension onto your browser, find your desired article and select the extension.

Webpage with Save to Refworks button highlighted

Step 2:

A menu will appear on the right side of the screen.

RefWorks menu

Select the type of reference the page is in the drop down menu.

Type of Reference

Step 3:

The extension will fill out all of the information for you, but it is recommended you check to make sure it missed nothing.

RefWorks menu

Once everything is in place, select the Save to RefWorks button. You will then get the option to view your reference in RefWorks.

Save to RefWorks button

Your reference is now saved and cited in RefWorks, ready to be used in your bibliography. It is viewable on the Last Imported page.

Last Imported page on RefWorks
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