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How to Record a Ring Central Meeting


RingCentral Meetings Meeting ID: 149-034-6686

Record on this Computer option will store the video file on your computer. You can then upload the video file anywhere you want. However,  if the recording is very long then the file will be very large and difficult to upload.

Record to the Cloud option will store the recording in the Ring Central computer space protected behind our login credentials.  You can post a link to the recording in Brightspace where students can access it.

Find your recordings that are recorded to the cloud

From the Ring Central meeting window, click on MEETINGS near the bottom of the screen

RingCentral Meetings

Select RECORDED located near the top of the window.

RingCentral Meetings

Select the recording for the meeting and select OPEN

RingCentral Meetings

This will open the recording on the web version of Ring Central Meetings.

Then you can select the SHARABLE LINK

My Recordings - RingCentral - Google Chrome

Now you can post the link in an Announcement, Discussion topic or email for your students.

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