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How to Insert PollEverywhere into a PowerPoint Slide


Now that you have the Poll Everywhere addon you will see a Poll Everywhere tab at the top of your PowerPoint window.

 Power Point toolbar with “Poll Everywhere” highlighted.

Click the Poll Everywhere tab then select the Log in icon. Log in using your Poll Everywhere account.

Once Signed in you will be able to see your account.

Now click New or Insert, both will bring up the activity menu if you double click the icon, you can also click the small arrow below them and select any of the options to open the menu.

Inserting a Pre-Existing Activity

If you have an activity already made, simply select it from the list, or navigate to the folder its in and click on it.

On the next page you can edit and view the activity. In order to add it to your presentation simply click the Insert slides button.

NOTE: You may need to choose an activity flow depending on the type of activity. For this example it was not required, but it will be required in the next example. That process is detailed later in this article.

Your activity should now appear in your slideshow.

Creating a New Activity From Within PowerPoint

First, click the New activity button.

On the next page, choose an activity type from the list. You can click the categories at the top of the window to view more options. In this example we will be making a multiple choice activity.

After you choose the activity you can edit as you please. Click the Edit button to start.

Here you can edit the title of the activity as well as any of the parameters such as the multiple choice options or the response settings. As you go through the settings you can choose how you want the activity to look and be displayed to the audience.

One specific response setting, Anonymous participation, should be mentioned. This will make the responses you receive anonymous. Once you click I understand this cannot be undone there is no way to undo this! Be sure you want it to be anonymous.

If you would like to you can add a image to the activity by clicking on the image icon to the right of the title box.

After you are done editing click the Save button in the top right corner.

What you should see now is a preview of the slide before being entered into the PowerPoint. At the top of the slide you can see the PollEv link as well as how to access the activity via texting.

Once you're satisfied with your activity click Insert slides to add the activity to your presentation.

Depending on the type of activity you may need to choose the way you want the slides displayed. Select Default or Engagement then click the Insert slides button one more time. In this example I've selected default.

You should now see your activity in your presentation.

Before your audience can interact with your activity you must activate it. To activate the poll you need to be in presentation mode. See for more on activating your poll.

As your audience sees the presentation and answers, you can see the results change live. If you hover your mouse around the top right of the presentation while in presentation mode you will see a menu come up. Here you can activate the activity, show responses, lock the responses, and clear the responses. Visual settings allows you to change how the activity looks.

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