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How to Activate Your Poll


When it is time to present you will need to activate your poll for the audience.  Activation is very important for presenters to understand.  When the activity is activated this allows web responses, the system will publish the poll or survey to your response page, so participants can respond.

If you have more than one activity lined up in a presentation.  A presenter can only have one active poll or survey at a time. This is how the presenter specifies which poll or survey us accepting responses at the moment in time.

Here are a few ways on how to activate your Poll:

The Poll Everywhere website portal is the standard/default method.

Activities | Poll Everywhere - Google Chrome

Once you login to Poll Everywhere navigate to the Activities page if you aren't already on it. Here you can go to Activate on any activity you have listed.  You can only activate one activity at a time.  Once you activate the poll, participants will be able to interact with the poll.  After they do you will see how many people responded.  

If you are doing the presentation through Poll Everywhere, click on the activity you would like to share.

From the web Present by clicking Full-screen after you can click on Activate as the audience responds, you can click Show Responses to see the activity automatically update with the audience's responses.

If you are in a PowerPoint slide, go to Presentation.  To activate the poll you need to be in presentation mode. This can be found with the presentation icon.

As your audience sees the presentation and answers, you can see the results change live.  If you hover your mouse around the top right of the presentation, you will see a menu come up.  Here you can activate the poll, show responses, lock the responses and clear the responses.  Visual setting is if you would like to mess around with how the poll looks.

For Google Slides, the process is the same.  Once you start the presentation, if you hover you cursor over the top right side of the presentation, you will see the menu appear.

From this menu you can change the visual settings how the poll looks active, along with the activate button you want to show responses.  After the poll is done you can lock the answers so it doesn't change after you continue the presentation.  There is also a clear responses tab so once you are done you can start over freshly.


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