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How to use PollEverywhere Presenter App for iOS


Everything from the browser application now available in the App Store.  Engage audiences with a full range of live activities including: Multiple Choice, Word Cloud, Q&A, Ranking, and the newest activity: Competitions!

If you go to the App Store search Poll Everywhere and you will see two applications come up.  Install Poll Everywhere Presenter after the app is installed go to Open.

Once you open the app you will need to Log in to your account.

This is how the application will look once you are logged in.

Navigation through the application is very easy.  At the bottom of the application, there are four tabs "Home, Activities, Report and Settings".  The picture above is on the activities tab.

In the Home screen there are three things you can do; "PowerPoint remote control,  Contact support, Product feedback".  The next picture show how these screens will look when in them.

As the application states above, the remote control feature connects to the users Windows PowerPoint to advance and control activities during a presentation.  To use this feature, make sure your Desktop PowerPoint version is open and the presentation is running and the poll is activated to connect.  Once you have connected your phone will display the PowerPoint.

As you tap "Next Slide", the presentation will change in a similar way of having your own clicker in the palm of your hand!

As you go through the slides, you will be able to Clear the poll and all responses will be cleared.  There is also the option to Lock, stopping all new responses from being recorded.  And if you have a short response or written response poll you can Moderate the answers.

When you get to the end of the Presentation the app will let you know.  

In the Activities screen at the top right, there is the search icon to look for your work.  The folder icon is for creating a new folder to put certain activities in.  The plus icon is to create a new activity and edit it.  "Default" is a folder automatically created for the three activities that were created.  Below is "Share with me" where you can see all the activities shared with you from others that use Poll Everywhere.

From the polls and activities you make, you are able to create Reports to help in grading or collecting more data towards grading or attendance below are some different types of reports you can create.

In the setting screen you are able to see your Name, PollEv link, and e-mail. With the color theme you can choose how you would like the application to look as you can see I have the app on Light.

Welcome to the Poll Everywhere Presenter app!

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