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How to use Microsoft Teams Features


Microsoft Teams is a program used by many as a hub for teamwork. It is a chat and collaboration platform for Microsoft 365 customers. Many use this program for both work and personal uses, and it is able to be used anywhere.

There are many features in Microsoft Teams that help it do what it does best.

There are too many features to list fully, most of it is intuitive, but in this article there will be what some of the most important features are.

Important Features of Microsoft Teams

1. It is fully integrated with Office 365

Since it is a Microsoft product, Teams integrates with Office 365. Programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. are fully integrated within teams.

Teams is even optimized for Windows Explorer, for those who still prefer that browser.

Admins using Teams have many well integrated features at their disposal, such as creating teams within a group and bringing back deleted groups.

2. Conversation channels

You can make channels in Teams that are dedicated to certain topics, making it easier to keep messages on topic and to solve problems faster. Because of this, there is a lot less clutter and it is easier to find relative information without having to sift through unrelated content.  

3. Reduced email

Teams makes sure you have less clutter in your inbox. Instead of waiting for a reply to an email, you can quickly ask the question in Teams and get an answer just as quickly.

A feature related to this is that you're able to send an email to the team channel.

5. Collaborate live

All collaboration can happen in real time, instead of waiting for emails. You can tell when people are doing things and are about to reply. Updates are seen in real time as well, so you never have to wonder if your team mates are completing their jobs.

6. Access Teams across all devices

Not only does Teams have a wonderful web interface, but it can also be used on the go. It is available on Android, Windows, and iOS, and provides an easy-to-use app that allows chatting with teams via text, voice conversation, or even a video meeting.

These are all important features, and the most important ones. The program itself is rather intuitive and, knowing these features will help you find your way through Microsoft Teams.

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