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Overview of Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a program used by many as a hub for teamwork. It is a chat and collaboration platform for Microsoft 365 customers. Many use this program for both work and personal uses, and it is able to be used anywhere.

Here is a quick overview of Microsoft Teams.

In Microsoft Teams, you can meet, chat, and collaborate with everyone you work with in all one place.

Teams tool bar on the left.

This is your Navigation bar where you'll see notifications about your recent activity, chats, teams meetings, files and apps.

 The activity tab within teams.

For communicating and sharing in sharing in smaller groups, use chats. Select the Chat icon. Chats can be one-on-one or a group conversation with multiple participants.  

Teams inside of the chat tab.

Next to the search bar is the New Chat icon at the top to start a new chat. Then type in the recipient(s) name, email, group or tag.

Teams tool bar with the team’s tab boxed in green.

Calendar is where you can see your schedule, make meetings and join meetings.

The files tab is where you can see all files you have uploaded to teams.

The three dots is for more apps.

All the apps inside of the teams that can be opened.
The profile with status available.

Select the profile picture to set your status. Set your status in teams so people know when you're busy or away from your desk. The little dot on your profile indicates if you available or not.

You can also set a written status that others will see when they contact you. Select Set status message.

New Chat and Chat Features

Teams new chat button with a red arrow pointing at it.
Teams format button circled in red.

In chats you are able to Format your text.

The exclamation icon next to the format icon if you want to you can set the delivery options for the messages you send. From Standard this will send messages normally, important messages will be marked as important, urgent recipient notified every 2 min for 20 min.

The paper clip icon is attach and send files to anyone in a chat or in a group. You can upload files from OneDrive or from your computer. Once you upload a file this can be seen in the chat and also at the top of the chat under the search bar in the Files tab.

The teams chat with an arrow pointing at the files tab.

The next three icons are emoji, gif, and stickers they are all pretty self explanatory. The icon after stickers is a calendar for scheduling a meeting with the person.

When added to a Team you will be able to see them here.

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