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How to Record, Save, and Retrieve a Meeting in RingCentral


In this article, you will find out how to record, save, and retrieve a meeting in ringcentral. Before we start, it is important to note that you can only record meetings on the Desktop version of RingCentral

Record a Meeting

Step 1: Log in to RingCentral Meetings for desktop

Step 2: Click Start with video or Start without video.

During the meeting, you will have the option to pause or stop the recording. These options are in the upper left part of the screen as well as on the in meetings menu bar.

Saving the Recordings

There are two ways to direct your recordings onto your computer. This depends fully on whether you are using Windows or Mac.

For Windows

By default, the recordings are saved in C:\Users\username\Documents\RingCentralMeetings

Step 1: Click settings in your RingCentral App

Step 2: Click Recording and then Change File Location

Step 3: Specify the location and then click OK.

For Mac

By default, the recordings are saved in /Users/username/Documents/RingCentralMeetings

Step 1: Click settings in your RingCentral App

Step 2: Click Record and then click the location beside Store my recordings at:

Step 3: Click choose a new location and decide where in the folder you want to store your recorded meetings. Click choose to save your location.

Retrieve a Recorded Meeting

All recorded meetings are converted to a .mp4 file when the meeting ends. Here are how to retrieve the recordings.

Step 1: In the app, click meetings

Step 2: Click Recorded and select the recording you want to find

From here, you have several options for what you can do.

You can Play the video, Play Audio, Open, and Delete.


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