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How to Deal with Zoom Bombers in RingCentral


Unfortunately, there may be people who try to come into your RingCentral call to interrupt and pull pranks. Though this is a rare occurrence, it pays to know how you can deal with this if it does indeed happen.

Muting a Participant

To mute this unwelcome guess, all you have to do is right click on the name that appears and select 'Mute Participant'.

Putting on Hold

Another way to deal with this is to put the participant on hold until you can deal with them. The Participant, who is placed on hold, will be unable to hear any audio from the Meeting nor see any video nor any content shared. 

To do this, open up the participant menu and right click on their name and select the 'put on hold' option.

Chat Directly With a Participant on Hold

Once the person is on hold, you'll need to talk to the person to see if it's just a student being vulgar or an unrelated person who's just interrupted.

When you're in a video call, there is a chat button. This button will give you the option to open the chat and select a person to cat to.

Remove a participant

Once you have evaluated the situation, you might have to remove the participant in question.

Step 1: Click Participants.

Step 2: Select the participant you want to remove and click More.

Step 3: Select Remove.

Lock the session

To make sure the person doesn't come back, you'll need to lock the session.

Step 1: During an active meeting, click Manage Participants.

Step 2: In the participants window, click More, and then select Lock meeting.

Step 3: Click Yes on the confirmation window.

This should hopefully be enough to keep any zoom bombers from interrupting your classes.

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