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How to Submit Your Research Proposal in Cayuse


Part 1: Generate your Cayuse username and password

Log into this SharePoint site with your mySNHU credentials

Step 2: Once you've successfully logged in, select the box titled "First Time Visitors"        

The SNHU SharePoint for first time users with an arrow pointing at the first-time user box.

Step 3: After selecting, you'll be brought to the following page. Make sure to fill out the survey before completing the four steps provided.

Set up an account page with “click here to complete the account request form” boxed in red.
Adding email and request a password. With a box around the “request password” button.

Part 2: Accessing Cayuse

Step 1: Once you have set your password, you can head to the log in page by either selecting the "click here" link in #4 of the instructions above or selecting heading back to the IRB Homepage and selecting the "Are you a returning user?" box

An arrow pointing to returning user with “click” inside of the arrow.

Step 2: The Log In page will look similar to this. Use your SNHU email as your username and password you just set and select "Sign In"

An arrow pointing to the username with “SNHU email” inside of it. Another arrow pointing to password with “your new password” inside of it. Finally last arrow pointing to the “sign in” with click inside of it.

Step 3: You'll be brought to this page. When it loads, select on "Cayuse IRB (Human Studies Compliance)"


An arrow pointing at “cayuse IRB (Human Studies Compliance)” with click inside of it.

Part 3: Completing your proposal submission

Step 1: After select, you will be brought to your Cayuse IRB dashboard. First, make sure "Cayuse IRB" is in the top left corner, and not "Cayuse 424". If everything is as it should be, then select the blue button in the top right that says "+ New Study".

An arrow with “click” inside of it pointing at cayuse IRB at the top left. An arrow pointing at “New Study” with inside of it #2 click.

If your top left corner says "Cayuse 424", then log out and try logging in again.