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Infobase - Workaround for Broken Links


NOTE:  Infobase is also known as Hoonuit and Atomic Learning.


Infobase videos and lessons are used in several SNHU courses. These videos are built into Brightspace course modules via links which when selected, will log you into the Infobase website where this content can be viewed.

Issue Description:

As of March 1, 2021 several of the Infobase links included in Brightspace course modules are broken. When you select a link, you are logged into Infobase but rather than seeing the expected content, you see a search page as in the image below.

ITS Instructional Support Services is working with Infobase and Brightspace to research the root cause of the problem and implement a fix.

Screenshot of Infobase search screen

Temporary Workaround:

Until the Infobase links are fixed, we are asking students to do the following:

Workaround #1:

  • If you select a link and the content does not open, and you get the search page indicated above, please search for the video by entering the name in the search box.  This should locate the video or lesson that you need.
Screenshot of Infobase search bar

Workaround #2:

Office 365 All Apps icon

Additional Assistance:

If you need additional assistance accessing Infobase content, please contact the ITS Service via the Service Portal, Chat, or call the IT Service Desk at 1-855-877-9919.  You may also email Instructional Support Services at [email protected]


This guide was created on March 8, 2021 by ITS Instructional Support Services