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How to Access the Minitab Quality Trainer


Minitab online with blank Minitab cells.

Select the Person Icon

The top bar of Minitab online with the Person and Settings Cog.

Select “Manage Account”

Drop down of selecting the person icon.

Underneath “My Products” Select “Quality Trainer”

The my products lists showing both Minitab statistical software and quality trainer.

Select “Open Web App”

Minitab License Portal

You Can Select any Training That You Want to Use Minitab

It is a best practice to go in order because they build on each other of past chapters.

The page to open the quality trainer.

While Working on The Training You Will Have Quizzes that Come Up

Example of questions that will show up while taking the training.

Underneath “Index” will be Definitions of Words you Will Encounter and Where You Can Find Them

The index of the quality trainer with the example of alpha and being able to find it the different chapters.

Selecting “My Progress” Will Show You How Many Chapters You Have Completed and the Average Quiz Score for Chapters

Current progress report.
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