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How to Embed a YouTube Video into a Kahoot


We know that you use Kahoot a lot for classes and meetings. It would be a best practice to start using Poll Everywhere and we have a lot more article on Poll Everywhere which can be found Poll Everywhere. Another pro for changing to this best practice is that we can have meeting with Poll Everywhere to talk about any issues that are being encountered with the software including adding more accessibility feature into it. These are not able to be done with Kahoot. Embedding a YouTube video would require you to get a paid version of your Kahoot.

Select “Add Question”

Inside of Kahoot adding a new question with a red box around “add question.”

Select “Quiz + Audio”

Adding a question in Kahoot with a red box around “quiz + audio.”

Select “Videos”

Options to add with a red box around “videos.”
Pasting the YouTube link and a red box around the YouTube link.

Select “Add”

Link to the YouTube video added in the box and a red box around the “add” button.
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