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How to Add and Edit Categories to Manage Assignments


Organize your assignments into categories to make it easier for users to navigate to the appropriate assignments. For example, you can create separate categories for video assignments, Power Point assignments or essay assignments. When structuring your course, you can first create categories and later place assignments in them.

To Get to Your Assignments Page

From your Course Homepage select “Course Menu” then select “Assignments” from the drop-down menu.

“Course menu” drop-down menu with a number one next to “course menu” and a two next to “Assignments.”

Editing Categories

Select "Edit Categories."

The “edit categories” highlighted in middle of two other options.
  1. Select the name of an existing category to modify. Use the “Enter” key to save your changes or select somewhere outside of the cell.
  2. To delete the category, select the check box next to its name and then select the trash icon.  
  3. Select “Add Category” to create a new category
Image of catergories homepage name and delete.
  1. Under the “Sort Order” you can reorder the category list. Select the number of a category to change the order. Use the “Enter” key to save the changes.
  2. Under the in-use tab, you can see which categories already contain assignments. Only the categories with the check mark contain assignments and are visible on the assignment homepage.
Categories homepage with sort order and in use.

After changing the category name and/or order, select anywhere on the outside of the box and the changes will be saved.

To Make a New Category

Select “Add Category.”

The “add category” button highlighted.
  1. Enter a name for your category.
  2. Select “Create.”
Creating a category menu with a number one in the name box and a number two next to the “create” button.

The new category will appear in the list.

The new category showing in the category section of Brightspace.

Adding Assignment into Categories

Select “Course Menu.”

Select “Assignments.”

“Course menu” drop-down menu with a number one next to “course menu” and a two next to “Assignments.”

Select the assignments you want to have in a category.

Select “Bulk Edit."

Bulk edit assingment

Selecting the top check box will select all of the assignments.

  1. Select the drop-down where it is “No Category.”
  2. Select the category that you want the assignment to be in.
  3. Select “Save.”

It has now been saved and placed into the category that you had selected.

Bulk edit assignment how to move assignment example.
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