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Adding LinkedIn Learning (LTI 1.3) to your Course with Grade Center

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In the module you would like to add the LinkedIn Learning content to, select the "Existing Activities"

A Brightspace module, with the "Existing Activites" button highlighted

Then, scroll down and select the "LinkedIn Learning" button

The "Existing Activities" drop down menu opened with the "LinkedIn Learning" button highlighted

This will open the "Add Activity" window, which will have a LinkedIn Learning window inside. Here you can search for courses and videos that you want to add. It also suggests some keywords to search first just below the Search bar. If you feel the window is too small, there's a button you can select and drag to adjust the size of the window.

The "Add Activity" window opened with the Search bar highlighted and hte "Popular Skills" section highlighted, and the resize button highlighted

Once you have searched for some content, you can refine your search with the search tools. You can refine by several types of filters, such as who the content is by, what type of content (i.e a full course with several videos or a single video), the level of the content (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), the software product it uses, the subjects and topics it covers, and what kinds of continuing education units it connects to (such as CompTIA).

The "Filter results" section, with all of its buttons highlighted

To add content from your search, scroll down to below the filters and select the "add" buttons to add the course. If you want to add only one video from the course, select the "Course contents" drop down, and select the "Add" button next to the individual video.

An example course in LinkedIn Learning, with the "Course Contents" drop down menu opened and highlighted, and the "Add" button for the course and an individual video highlighted.

Once you select the "Add" button, it will change to say "remove" and the button allows you to remove the course or video from your module. There will also be some text informing you that the content has been successfully added. You may now select the "Confirm" button to finalize your selection and add the content.

An example course in LinkedIn Learning with the "Remove" button for both a course and an individual video highlighted

The content should now show up in the "General" section of the module you added it to.

The "General" section of a module in Brightspace, with the LinkedIn Learning course and video added.
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