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How to Create a Midterm Grade column


From within your course in Brightspace, select COURSE ADMIN from the main navigation bar.

Brightspace navigation bar with Course Admin highlighted

On the Course Admin page, select GRADES

Grades button on the Course Admin page

On the Gradebook page, select MANAGE GRADES from the mini-nav bar.

Gradebook mimi-nav bar, Manage Grades highglighted

Select the NEW button then select ITEM to create a new grade item for the Mid-Term Grade column.

NEW button drop down menu, Item button highlighted

Select CALCULATED on the New Item page. The Mid-Term Grade item is a calculated type of grade because it will use the existing grades to calculate the

CALCULATED button on the New Item page

Enter the title of the Grade Item. For example, you could call it. Mid-Term Grade

Text box for the Grade Item name

Select the boxes to the left of the categories and items you want to include in the Mid-Term Grade.

The list of Categories added to the Mid-Term Grade

We will leave the rest of the field at the default setting. So, select the SAVE AND CLOSE button at the bottom of your screen.


To move the Mid-Term Grade to be the first column in the grade book,

  1. Select on MORE ACTIONS button near the top of the window
  2. Select on REORDER from the drop-down menu that appears
More Actions drop down menu, Reorder button highlighted

TO the right of the Mid-Term Grade item listed, is a number with a chevron next to it.

  1. Select the chevron(drop-down arrow
  2. Select the number 1 from the drop-down menu that appears.
drop down menu, click on number 1

Select SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

Save button at the bottom of the screen

To see what the Mid-Term Grade item looks like in the Gradebook, select ENTER GRADES from the mini-nav bar.

Enter Grades button on the Gradebook mimi-nav bar
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