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How to Create a Percentage Final Grade column


From inside your Brightspace course, select COURSE ADMIN.

Brightspace Navigation Bar with Course Admin highlighted

Then select GRADES.

Grades button in Course Admin

In the Final Grades column,

  1. Select the chevron (down arrow) next to Final Grade Calculation.
  2. Select EDIT from the drop-down menu that appears.
Final Calculated Grade drop down menu with Edit button highlighted

Select the chevron (down arrow)  under Grade Scheme, and select PERCENTAGE

Grade Scheme drop down button highlighted

Changing the Grade Scheme to percentage means the overall letter grade for the student in the course will NO LONGER be displayed. So you will either need to:

  1. Change the grade scheme back to UC Undergrad/Grad scheme before you submit final grades into MySNHU
  2. Convert the percentages to corresponding letter grades manually.

Once you have selected the Grade Scheme you want to use for the Calculated Final Grade in this course, select SAVE AND CLOSE at the bottom of the screen.

Save and close button at the bottom of screen
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