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How to Add Content from Managed Files


Access the Content Tool in a Brightspace course

  • Login to Brightspace using the link on or
  • Select a class you want to work on
  • Access COURSE ADMIN from the main navigation bar
 Brightspace homepage.
  • On the Course Administration page, select on CONTENT which will take you to the Table of Contents page within your course.
Course administration settings page.

You can also access the Table of Contents page by selecting Course Menu from the main navigational bar.

Table of Contents page

  • On the left side of the screen is the Table of Contents for your course.  The first three items are Brightspace features to help students manage the course.  The last three items are modules that are part of a standard SNHU UC Brightspace course.

Modules are acting like folders that store all your class materials. The list of modules in the Table of Contents is similar to tabs you would make in a 3-ring binder.

The different modules inside of Brightspace.

If you select COURSE CONTENT module, you will see two sub-modules that were created for you. You can use those sub-modules, if you would like or you can delete them and create your own.

Rename or Delete Content Module

  • Select the name of the module to make it open in the center space of your screen.
  • Select EDIT TITLE to change the name of this module.
  • OR select Delete Module to delete the module.
The drop-down menu from content module.

Create a New Module

  • On the Table of Contents page at the end of the module list is an ADD A MODULE button. To add a module, move your cursor into that space and select.
The add a module text box.
  • Type the title of the module and press ENTER on your keyboard.
  • Now your new module has a title and is now open in the center of your screen and ready for files, topics, and assignments.

You may need to scroll up to see this module in the center of your screen.

Add Content to a Module from Managed Files

  • In the open module,
  1. Select the UPLOAD/CREATE button.
  2. Then select Add from Managed Files from the drop-down menu.
The managing files from drop-down menu from uploading and creating.
  • Next you will see an alphabetical list of all the files you have uploaded to your course. Scroll until you find the file you want.
  • Select the near invisible square to the left of the title of the file or files in the list that you want to add to this module.

If you select the file name, it will open the file for you. Just close that file and select the square to the left of the file name.

The check box to add a document to the module.
  • Select the ADD button to complete the process.
  • You are now back on the Table of Contents page in the module.
Materials inside of a module with a text box “check the bonus section at the end of this document to learn how to remove this heading.”


From the page that pops up, find the drop down menu under Content Arrangement.

  1. Select NONE instead of the default Content Type
  2. Select the SAVE button at the bottom of that page.
The content settings and display options.
  • Now your module page looks like this.

This is a course-wide change. All modules in this course will display with that heading.

A new module set-up without “materials” in the headings.
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