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How to Revise Rubric


It is important to make changes to rubric that are not attached to assignments, discussions, or quizzes that your students are currently working on. You could lose student work and your feedback on the rubric.

Access the Rubrics Tool

  1. Select the Tools nav bar item 
  2. Select Course Admin
Tools drop down menu with Course Admin highlighted

Select the Rubric tool from the list.

The Rubrics button in the list

Step 1: Make a copy of the Rubric

Find the title of the rubric you want to change.

Journal Rubric button with the drop down arrow highlighted

Select the drop down arrow to the right of the title and select COPY from the list.

The drop down menu with the 'copy' button highlighted

Step 2: Edit the copy you just made.

  1. Select the down-arrow to the right of the title of the copied rubric 
  2. Select EDIT from the menu.
Drop down menu with Edit highlighted

Change the title of the rubric- for example you could use the name of the rubric plus add a date or version identifier like COM 212 Journal Rubric 2019.

The Edit Rubric page

Put your cursor on the cells containing information you want to change. Select and change the content.

Use the trash can icon on the far right to delete entire rows from the rubric.

The Edit Rubric page with the trash button highlighted

Step 3: Saving the changes

No need to select SAVE- auto saves the changes you make.

Before we leave this space, we need to PUBLISH the rubric.

  1. Select the drop down arrow next to STATUS:DRAFT near the top right of your screen. 
  2. Select PUBLISHED.
Edit Rubric page with the top down menu for status showing

Then select CLOSE near the bottom of your screen.

Your rubric is ready to be attached to an assignment, discussion, or quix.

Once it is being used in your course, the rubric becomes locked and can no longer be edited.

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