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How to Provide Student Special Access


Select activity in course

Select COURSE ADMIN from the main Navigation Bar

Select the Tool from the list on the page- Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz

Edit that activity

On the activity page,

  1. select the drop-down menu to the right of the name of the activity
Drop down menu with edit assignment highlighted

Allow Special Access

Select the RESTRICTIONS tab of the assignment, quiz or discussion

Restrictions tap on top of the page


Edit Assignment page with 'Add Users to Special Access' highlighted

Define the PROPERTIES of the Special Access.

You can chose to change the Due Date, Start Date, and End Date of the assignment.

Properties page with the the check boxes highlighted

Select the Users who will receive the Special Access

  1. Select the box to the left of the student's name to whom you want to give access 
  2. Select SAVE
The list of students in the class

Review the Special Access provided

On the Restrictions screen that appears after you SAVE Special Access, you will see the name(s) or student (s) to whom you have given special access and the conditions of that access.

The Edit Assignments page with the student name there now

If it not correct select the PENCIL icon to edit Special Access. For example, if another student needs a later due date you can just add the student here.

The Edit page with the pencil icon highlighted

Select the SAVE AND CLOSE button

Unlike other features, there is no icon that appears next to an activity that indicates there is associated Special Access.

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