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How to Adjust Dates each Semester


Q: How do I change the due dates and availability for components I copied over from another course.? D I have to edit each item individually?

A: Nope! There is a way to change all the dates at the same time.

Access Course Admin from the main navigation bar

Select Managed Dates

Course Administration page with Manage Dates highlighted

Two options: Manually or Bulk Edit/Offset

Manually update Due Dates and Availability Dates

Manually change dates:

Next to the activity, select the date in the Due Date or Availability columns of the table displayed.

For example, I can change the Due date on Company Analysis Part in the table below.

The due date of the assignment on the right of the screen

On the screen that appears,

  1. put in the new Due Date,
  2. then select SAVE
Edit Due Date page with the drop down calender

Continue this process until you have changed all the due date or availability dates for specific assignments.

Use Bulk Edit Dates to update Due Dates and Availability Dates

Select the activities you want to include on the Bulk Edit Dates by selecting the box to the left of each activity you want to become available or be due on the same date.

Three Assignments highlighted to be editted

Then scroll back up until you see the Bulk Edit Dates icon and select it.

Manage Dates page with Bulk Edit Dates highlighted

On the screen that appears,

  1. Select the box under Due Dates (for this example) or under Start or End  Dates in your course.
  2. Select the new due date you want all of those activities to be due.
  3. Select Save
Bulk Edit Dates page with drop down calender

Now we can see that the due date for all three assignments has been changed.

Assignments with the due dates successfully changed

Using Bulk Offset Dates

This is a great tool if you have announcements or graded activities that are the exact same week of the semester every term.

Select all the announcements, assignments, content, quizzes, or discussions that you want to be due or available at exactly the same week in the upcoming term by selecting the box to the left of each item.

You can also select all items by selecting the box to the left of the Bulk Edit Dates Icon.

Assignments selected for in bulk edit

Select the Bulk Offset Dates Icon

Assignment list with Bulk Offset Dates highlighted

Now you will decide how many days you want to move the due dates or availability dates and whether you want to move them forward or backward.

Bulk Offset Dates menu wih Offset by direction and range highlighted

Typically, you will move dates forward.

Now select the number of day you want each date to be moved forward and put it in the range box

Bulk Offset Dates menu with range highlighted

If you are not sure how many dates there are between terms, use the 'Calculate range between two dates' option. and enter the first day of last semester and the first day of the new semester.  And it will display the number of days between the start of those two semesters.

Bulk offset dates menu with 'Dates will be offset forward by 231 day(s)" highlighted

Select the SAVE button. All the dates on activities you selected should be moved forward as you selected.

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