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You-Attend blocked


You-Attend may not launch if cookies are blocked on the user's browser.

If you are using one of the following browsers, and you are having problems with our new attendance tool "You-Attend", please follow the next steps in the browser of your preference.

Google Chrome

1. Click the "Customize and Control" button, this option will show you a menu with lots options. One of them will be named "Settings"

A blank browser page

The settings screen will appear.

2. Click on "Advance".

3. Click on "Privacy and security".

Settings drop down menu

You will be able to see the "Privacy and security" options.

4. Click on "Site Settings".

Privacy and Security page, with site settings highlighted

5. In "Site settings" menu click on "Cookies".

The cookies option in Site Settings
Cookies page, with block third part cookies highlighted

By selecting the first option "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)" will allow websites to store cookies on your computer.

6. "Block third-party cookies" and you want that option setting off.

7. Close the settings tab.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click the menu button " " and select "Content Blocking".

Google homepage

2. The Privacy & Security panel of Firefox Options will open. This is where you can view your settings for Content Blocking, which includes cookies.

General settings with Privacy&Security highlighted
Cusom Content Blocking options highlighted

3. Click on the "Custom" option to enable all cookies and clear the "Cookies" check mark.

Microsoft Edge

1. On your Microsoft Edge, click on the "Settings and more" button on the toolbar. It will be reveal  a menu with more options.

2. One of the options will be named "Settings", click on it.

3. The settings "General" menu will appear, click on the padlock icon "Privacy and security".

4. Scroll to the bottom and find cookies section, and choose "Don't block cookies".

Microsoft Edge general settings page
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