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How to Add Content from Your Computer


Visit the Content page

Brightspace homepage.
Course administration settings page.

Select where you want the FILE to live.

For this example, I want the file to live in Resources: Content Module of this course.

Inside of the resources content.

Select FILE you want to add from your computer

  1. Select the UPLOAD/CREATE button.
  2. Then select UPLOAD FILES.
The upload and create drop-down menu.

You will see a list of places the file could live. For this example, select MY COMPUTER.

Adding a file to the module.

Next, select UPLOAD so you can find the file on your computer.

The upload button from selecting upload from computer.

In the window that appears, find the file you want to upload to the course.

  1. Select the file name.
  2. Select OPEN

For this example, the file I wanted to upload is named MAT-136_Syllabus.

Selecting the file, you want to upload from your computer.

Once you see the file name listed in blue under the UPLOAD button, select the ADD button

The add button with selected file.

You should see a quick, pop-up window that says "Created Successfully"  and you should see a topic added with that file name.

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