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How to Edit Analytic Rubric Levels and Criterion


The Rubric must be in DRAFT status.  Edits are saved automatically.  Change status to PUBLISHED when ready to use.


  1. To add a criterion row, select the + Add Criterion link at the bottom of the rubric.
  2. To delete a criterion row, select the Trash Can at the far right of the criterion row.
  3. To add a Level, select the + to the left or the + to the right of the Level columns.
  4. To delete a Level, select the Trash Can at the top of a level column.


Rubric options with number 1 nest to add criterion, number 2 next to the delete row button, number 3 next to the add a level button, and number 4 next to the delete column button.

5.  Expand Options to modify Rubric Visibility settings.


Number 5 next to the expand options button.
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