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How to Create a Quiz with one central video and multiple questions


Open the Quiz tool in your course

Create New Quiz

In the Quiz tool, select NEW QUIZ button

Enter a NAME for your quiz

Scroll past the QUIZ QUESTION section to the INTRODUCTION field and select the circle next to the word 'on'. Then select in the text box.

Quiz question with the introduction turned on.

Then select the Insert Stuff icon

The insert stuff button.

Select where your video lives from the list of option on the Insert Stuff menu that appears.

Selecting where the video is coming from.

There are more options if you scroll further down on the Insert Stuff menu.

After you load your video, add instructions to let students know that once they start the quiz they can't see the video anymore so they should take notes to use to answer the questions. (Or whatever instructions you want them to know.

Then select SAVE at the bottom of the screen

The save button for adding the video.

Add/Edit Questions

Now scroll back up to the ADD/EDIT QUESTIONS button where you can create questions you want students to answer after watching the video posted in the INTRODUCTION to the quiz.  

Students cannot see the video once they select on START QUIZ!

Finish creating the quiz

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