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How to Add link to content for Discussion topic


Link Discussion in Table of Contents

From inside your course, access the COURSE ADMIN page. Then select CONTENT

Course administration setting page with “content” boxed in red.

On the Table of Contents page, select the module in which you want to place the discussion.

Since the Discussion is already created,

1. select the drop-down chevron next to the words EXISTING ACTIVITIES.

2. Scroll down to select Discussion from the displayed list.

Selecting the existing activities tab with the drop-down menu. With “discussions” boxed in red.

Select the Discussion forum the discussion topic you want to link to lives. For this example, we will select "Small group discussion Spaces" forum.


Adding activity with a box around “small group discussion spaces.”

Then select the specific topic: Reading Jigsaw Blended Learning

Adding activity with “reading jigsaw blended learning” boxed in red.

Brightspace will automatically create this link and put it in the module once you select the name of the quiz. You don't need to save or anything.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list of topics in your module to see the new added link.

You can move this topic by select the 8 dots to the left of the title and dragging to where you want it to live in the module.

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