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How to Add Captions for Video Note


Creating a Video with Captions

Setting for the video inside of brightspace.
Change the speed of the video.

From inside a discussion topic, after you click on START A THREAD button

Select on the INSERT STUFF button in the far left corner of the text box.

Meet and Greet - Remote Learning Bootcamp - Section 4.July27.2020 - Google Chrome

Select 'Add a Video Note'

The list of way to insert files and other videos.


Allow Brightspace access to your web camera and microphone to make the recording, when prompted.

Preview of adding a video note to a discussion post.

Once you have recorded your video, select NEXT

Preview of adding a video note to a discussion post.

1. Title the recording

2. Add a description, if you want

3. Select the language you want the captions to use.


Adding a title, description, and audio langue to start close captions.

Then select the box next to 'Automatically generate captions from audio'

Box next to “Automatically Generate Captions from Audio.”

Then select NEXT and finally INSERT.

It will take several minutes for the recording to be converted and captions added. So come back and check to see if it is displaying as you intended later.

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