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How to Allow Students Special Access to a Quiz


Add special access to a quiz when you want to provide alternative time limits to individual users or groups of users to accommodate special needs.

This article shows the steps to grant a learner special access for a quiz.

Step 1: Go to the Quizzes tab in Brightspace. Browse to the quiz you would like to add special access to.

Manage quiz section.

Step 2: Edit the quiz and select the Restrictions tab. Scroll to the Special Access section.

The restrictions tab of the quiz settings.

There are two different options to choose from.

Allow selected users special access to this quiz lets you assign an alternative time restriction for specified users.

Allow only users with special access to this quiz restricts access to a quiz to specified users.  

Step 3: Select the desired type of access and select Add Users to Special Access.

This example will demonstrate allowing special access for selected users to a quiz.

Special access settings.

Step 4: Set the special access properties for the quiz.

Which include:

  • Due Date
  • Date Availability
  • Timing
  • Attempts
  • Participants

Step 5: Select a Due Date

In the Due Date section, you can specify an alternate time when you expect a quiz to be complete. A quiz is considered late if a student submits it after the due date.

Adding dates to the special access.
End date for the quiz.

Step 6: Select a Day/time for the quiz.

In the Availability section, adjust the day and time a quiz starts and ends.

In the timing section, you can adjust and enforce a time limit. Depending on the time option you choose, you can set a recommended or enforced duration for the quiz.

Adding an availability time.
Calendar for the start time.
Completed time frame for start of special access, quiz, and end date for quiz.

In this example, students with special access will be able to start the quiz 3 days before the rest of the class at noon. The quiz will be due on the same day and time as the rest of the class.

Step 7: If you would like to add attempts for the special access students select on Override attempts allowed. Adjust the attempts allowed below as needed and select on Apply.

The number of attempts allowed for the quiz.
Percentage to allow for a retake of a quiz.

To restrict access to attempts, enter a minimum and/ or maximum percentage (0-100) that needs to be achieved on the previous attempt to qualify for another attempt.

If the minimum and /or maximum percentage is left blank, it will not apply. If both are left, then there is no restriction.

Step 8: Select the students needing special access. When finished, select Add Special Access.

Adding special access to a specific student.

Final Step: Select Save and Close to update the restrictions to the quiz.

Confirming the special access for the student.

If you need to make changes or remove Special Access from a student, select the  pencil icon to make edits or the X to remove special access. When you remove special access from a student, you will see a line through the information under their name.

Removing the special access for a student.

Add special access to a quiz when you want to provide alternative time limits to individual users or groups of users to accommodate special needs.

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