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How to Export Gradebook into Excel


Step 1: Go to Course Admin

Brightspace homepage.

Step 2: Go to Grades

The course administration homepage.

Step 3: Select Export

The grades export button.

Step 4: Export grade items for All Users

The options to export the grades with excel selected.

Select 'both' in Key Field

Asking if you want the org id or the username with both selected.

Select 'Last Name', 'First Name', and 'Email' in User Details

What other details are wanted?

Get rid of Points in Grade Values

What grades values are wanted, and none are selected.

Step 5: Select Export to Excel

The export to excel button.
The progress bar for the exporting of grades.

Select Download and it will upload onto your computer as an excel spreadsheet

The download of the exporting grades.

Step 6: Open up the file, it's time to clean up any unwanted information.

Excel sheet for the grades that were exported and then downloaded.

If there's any unwanted information, just delete it. Just highlight the column, right select, and delete it.

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