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How to work Qualtrics Errors and Solutions


Error 1: The anonymous link says I do not have authorization. 


  1. Go to the Survey Tab
  2. Select the options menu
  3. Select the security tab
  4. Find the ‘Add a referral website URL’ and turn it off 

Error 2: Qualtrics does not recognize my password

Solution 1: Clear your browser history for all time. 

Solution 2: Please go to Do not save or bookmark this address. Qualtrics prefers to have the address typed in new each time. 

Solution 3: Your login is your complete SNHU email including the (ex. [email protected]). Your password is your email password. (SNHU uses sign on so your email password will always be your qualtrics password.)

Solution 4: Where can I find help documents for Qualtrics?

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