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How to Login into Minitab Online - First Time


Email from Minitab with just the activate link.

Input Your SNHU Email Address then Select “Next”

Place to enter your email address.

Select “Don’t have an account? Sign Up”

Link to set up account.

Fill in All of the Requested Information

Use your SNHU email address where it asks for an email address.

Requested information for setting up account page.

Select “Create Your Account”

The create your account button.

Select “Return to Sign in”

The return to sign in button.

Reenter Your SNHU Email

The pop-up asking for your email.

Select “Southern New Hampshire University SSO”

The two ways to sign into Minitab.

If it requests a password this would be your SNHU email address password. If you have logged into with Microsoft recently (, SNHU Outlook, Brightspace, etc.) it may not ask for the password.

A second email to confirm to set up Minitab account.

Agree to the Terms

Pop-up asking to confirm to the terms and conditions and to read the privacy note.

Input Your SNHU Email, First Name, Last Name, and Chose a Password

Finishing the account setup page with requested information.

Select “Continue”

The you have successfully activated your account pop-up window with the continue button at the bottom.

Then You Have Finished Activating Your Account

Minitab online homepage.

You may need to log out and log back in to access Minitab online. It will appear under the “My Products” tab. When logging in from now own you should be selecting the “Southern New Hampshire University SSO.” If it asks for a password this will be the password, you use for your SNHU email address.

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