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Faculty Professional Development Site - Getting Started



This guide will provide an overview of the Faculty Professional Development system which is accessible via The Source > Applications > Faculty Development SSO

Faculty Professional Development replaced Digital Measures as of July 1, 2021 and will be used to track faculty contributions going forward. All data that was stored in Digital Measures has been copied over to this system

Site Overview

Once you log into the Faculty Professional Development site, you will see a screen that looks like the one below.  Please review the site and description of each content area.

  1. Navigation menu - There is really only one area in the Faculty Professional Development site.  On the left-hand side you will see "Professional Development" and "General" in the navigation menu.  These will bring you to the page shown above from any of the content area pages.
  2. Year selection drop-down - Use this menu to choose the academic year in which you accomplished the items you wish to enter.  You will only see the last seven years.  Anything older than seven years will still be stored in the archive but will not be visible.
  3. Activity Pie Chart - The pie chart will show how many items you have in each content area.  As you add content, the graph will change.  This is just informational.
  4. Login Info and Notifications - This area shows last login date, the notification bell will show important alerts, the power button is to log out.
  5. Content Area Pages - Each link in this area contains information on different types of academic and professional activities.  Click each link to add your accomplishments for that area.  The next step will show you how to enter information.
  6. Informational area - Includes key dates and useful links.

To enter your accomplishments, click into the different content areas (#5 in image above).   Each content area page will have different fields to complete but navigation will be consistent on each page.  The example below is applicable to all pages.

Adding Accomplishments

To add accomplishments, first click into the appropriate content area page.  For this example we are clicking the Committee Work - Board Member, Consulting, etc. link.  which will take us to the following page.  

The area outlined above shows the accomplishments that have been entered on the page.  In this example, one accomplishment has been added.  To add additional accomplishments, click the Add button and the next page will open.

To add an accomplishment, complete as many fields as possible.  Those fields with an asterisk are required.  When using a drop-down menu as shown for field Type, choose the most appropriate option.  When done, click the Submit button.  Repeat for additional accomplishments.

Editing Accomplishments

To edit or delete an accomplishment, go to the appropriate content page and locate the accomplishment from the list.  Click the checkbox to the left of the item and then click Update or Delete as appropriate.


If you have questions or need additional support, please contact Aaron Flint at [email protected]