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How to AutoGrade Quizzes


From inside your course, select COURSE ADMIN

Brightspace Navigation bar with Course Admin Highlighted

On the Course Admin screen, select QUIZZES.

Quizzes button on Course Admin page

On the nest screen which lists all the Quizzes in your course, find the chevron and select it.

Chevron beside the selected quiz

From the menu that appears, select EDIT.

Drop down menu

On the Edit Quiz screen that appears, you will see 6 tabs listed. Select the ASSESSMENT tab.

Edit Quiz navigation button with Assessment button highlighted

On the assessment screen,

  1. Select a grade item using the the drop-down menu under 'Grade Item'
  2. Check the box under 'Auto Export to Grades
Assessment page with the chevron highlighted

Finally, select SAVE AND CLOSE button at the bottom of the screen.

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