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How to View Question Feedback left by Instructor


Inside a Brightspace course, students will select COURSE MENU.

 Course Menu button highlighted

Then select QUIZZES.

Course Menu with Quizzes button highlighted

Find the Quiz  for which they want to view the Instructor feedback from the Quiz List.  Don't select the name of the quiz.

Select the chevron (Down-arrow) to the right of the title of the quiz name.

Quiz List with an example quiz, with the chevron highlighted

Select SUBMISSIONS from the options that appear in the drop-down menu.

Chevron drop down menu with Submissions button highlighted

Select the Attempt for that quiz.

The Attempts list for the selected quiz

On the page will be each question and then a space for you to VIEW FEEDBACK the instructor has written for each question. Then you will see what the instructor has written for each question.

The View Feedback button
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