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How to Regrade an Auto-Graded Quiz


From within your Brightspace course, select Course Admin from the main navigation bar.

Brightspace homepage.

Then select Quizzes from the list of options.

The quizzes button for Brightspace.

From the list of quizzes that appear, find the quiz title you are interested in re-grading. Do not select the title. Instead, select the chevron (drop-down arrow).

The arrow for the quiz.

Select Grade from the list that appears.

The grade button from the drop-down menu.

Select the QUESTIONS tab near the top of the page.

The questions button for the quizzes.


The update all attempts button.

Under Questions that are not in the quiz anymore, select the text of the question

The question from the quiz.

On the Update All Attempts screen, scroll down the page to indicate the CORRECT answers for quizzes already submitted and how much each correct question is worth. For example, in the screen shot below,  the question is worth 1 point, so part of the question ordered correctly would be worth 0.33 of a point.

Selecting the new answers to the questions.

It is a good idea to scroll down to the Comment box and write a brief explanation for students to explain why the change to the quiz has been made.

Adding comments to changing the answers.

When you have completed the previous two steps, select the SAVE button at the bottom of your screen.

Then select YES on the Confirmation window.

The confirmation pop-up.

Then select GO BACK TO QUESTIONS button.

Now select the USERS tab.  

The users tab.

Ensure all the attempts have a check mark in the Published column.

Selecting all the attempts have a check mark.

Then select SAVE AND CLOSE button at the bottom of your screen.  The quizzes should be updated and the grades republished to the GradeBook in Brightspace.

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