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How to View Discussion Rubric Feedback


From inside your Brightspace course,

1.  Select COURSE MENU

2.  Then  select DISCUSSIONS

Course Menu drop down menu with Discussions highlighted

On the Discussions page, scroll down until you see the tile of the discussion that has been graded. Select the title. For example, the title of the discussion topic in the screen shot below is The "Quarter-Life Crisis",

The Topic of the Discussion in question

The first item at the topic of the new screen that appears will be

1. the overall feedback provided by the instructor;

2. the points you earned and letter grade for this discussion;

3. if your instructor has used a rubric, select on VIEW GRADED RUBRIC to view the specific feedback contained on the rubric.

The Discussion in question with the VIEW GRADED RUBRIC button at the bottom

There are alternative ways to view your grade for a discussion topic. However, when using one of those alternative methods, you may not be able to view all the feedback your instructor has provided.

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