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How to share asynchronous class links.


Step One: Open Microsoft Teams and find the recordings from your Moderator.  For each file, select the ellipsis (...) and select Download.

Microsoft teams inside of a chat with a circle around the ellipsis (the three dots).

Step Two: Look at the bottom of your screen and select your File Explorer icon.  If you can't find the icon on your taskbar, type it into the search field.

The file explorer circled to export the downloaded video.

Step Three:  Select and drag your recording files from the Downloads folder to a folder for your class recordings in your SNHU OneDrive.

The “class recordings” folder is circled in red. The three files downloaded are shown.

Step Four:  Open any web browser, navigate to in the address bar, sign in with your SNHU username and password, and select the icon for OneDrive.

At Microsoft OneDrive website with the cloud circled in red.

Step Five:  Select the Share icon next to your folder for your class recordings

The “class recordings” folder with a drop-down menu to share the folder.
Settings for sharing the link and controlling what people can do with the link.
Copied the link to share with people.
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